Silverlake Spring

Spring in our Silverlake Garden

Yellow violas add visual delight to our March garden. There are new Azalea flowers in various shades of pink - like old friends, dependable and trustworthy. Claire's coppery-leafed Kalanchoe, prominently displayed in a bright blue pot, is a reminder of sharing and kindness.
The sights and scents are intoxicating - as after effects of moderate rains this past winter, although not the predicted torrential rains of El Nino. Even the wisteria is wildly blossoming with pale lilac clusters visited by bees.
Buddha, photographed  from top down, still sits very peacefully under a bright pink blanket of azalea flowers - a purchase from a San Francisco shop over 25 years ago. He is regaled with a faded amethyst and still clear quartz crystals. And both lemon and orange trees are dappled with buds and flowers, after several years of infertility. The amount of rain this past season must be enough for them, along with the occasional feeding we have provided.
There is something very special about spring and how it opens up our senses. It brings us into natural rhythms, uplifting our spirits with newfound energy.


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