• Think about this: You are walking and in need of a rest. You notice a bench and sit down. Then you hear music (and more). After awhile, you are rested - you rise from the bench, loving the experience it has given to you.

• Next, a booty twerks. It twerks, again, again, again. The movement of that booty, plugged into a sound machine of sorts, is transformed into beats - booty beats. The actual rhythm of tweaking is translated into music.

• If you drink wine - or Champagne - you know about food pairing. Now, something new - pairing Champagne, specifically Krug Champagne, with music. Call them Champagne notes, if you will.

• And last, but certainly not least, we remember the sounds of musical genius, Amy Winehouse. Her voice was (and is) uniquely different. Soon, we will all have the pleasure of learning more about Ms. Winehouse in an upcoming documentary about her life and music.

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