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And the winner is?
Photograph: Food52
From Food52, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt reviews two beautiful cookbooks. I own only one of them, My Paris Kitchen, by David Lebovitz.
Each time I enter the cookbook section of our local bookstore, Vroman's, I am tempted to purchase Bar Tartine, as well. And no matter what the judgement of this reviewer, I can agree with everything Mr. Lopez-Alt says about My Paris Kitchen. I see eye-to-eye with him, when he writes,
"Personality? Check. His book, like all of his work, is brimming with it. He's your host, your guide, and your partner in crime in the kitchen and around town, simultaneously showing profound respect for his adopted country while playfully challenging traditions and reveling in the looks of quoi?that his American questions earn him from French colleagues."
We are entertained and educated by David Lebovitz' descriptive writing and lovely photographs - and while we have attempted only a couple of recipes, we can safely attest to thoroughly enjoying this cookbook.
So, please make your way to this review at Food52, read it and decide for yourself.


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