Folded Forms

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Surface to Structure: Folded Forms is an exhibition of origami artwork that will bring together the work of more than 80 artists from 16 countries. It will include over 120 contemporary origami creations folded using a broad spectrum of styles and techniques.
Surface to Structure will take place at The Cooper Union, located at 41 Cooper Square, New York, NY, 10003. The exhibition will be free and open to the public from June 19 – July 4, 2014.
The Cooper Union was the site of the 1959 exhibition Plane Geometry and Fancy Figures: the first origami exhibition in the United States. One of its primary contributors was Lillian Oppenheimer, founder of The Origami Center, which later evolved into OrigamiUSA. The exhibition included the works of Akira Yoshizawa, Giuseppe Baggi, Ligia Montoya, Robert Harbin, Robert Neale, and other notable artists.
For the first time in 55 years, origami will be brought back to The Cooper Union in the Surface to Structure exhibition. In addition to presenting a small number of pieces folded by the same artists in the 1959 exhibition, the folded forms on display will show origami’s transformation, including sculptures that push the boundaries of this artform beyond its traditional perceptions. The exhibition will feature the work of established artists as well as up and coming artists and communicate the range and complexity of origami styles.
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