Monday night, we dined at Elysianla's, "night in", an at-home-event-like dining establishment conceptualized by David Thorpe, Julia Meltzer and Wu Tsang. While all three are also prominently involved in the art world, here they present a fine dining experience. From the moment one enters the front gate, the imagination is peaked as the luminous entry is approached through a lush bamboo forest garden.
We are cordially greeted and seated at our table. Not knowing what to expect other than a prix fixe dinner ($35.00), we discover a number of tables set for either eight or six or four. We wonder who else might be in attendance this evening.
Table set for a previous event
As other guests are seated several things take place immediately: bread is delivered along with a small bowl of roasted almonds, wine (ours) is opened and poured - no corkage fee charged - and our orders are taken by a friendly waiter. We all choose simple lettuce salads and the Yellow Fin Tuna - all fresh and delicious. Dessert is a Drop Biscuit with strawberries with créme fraiche - also delicious.
Best of all, the venue is filled with diners who are as intrigued and delighted as us, to experience this delicious evening.
To be included you must first send them your email address. Once you are on their mailing list, you will be notified. Then, it is up to you. Don't wait too long to reserve your table,  or you'll miss out!
From the website:
David Thorne is a Los Angeles-based cook and artist. He worked 4 years as a line cook at Canelé, and most recently as a prep cook at Ammo with Chef Daniel Mattern. He has also cooked at a slew of private events for clients including Redcat Gallery, Art Matters, Rhode Island School of Design, New Los Angeles Charter School, and Clockshop.
Wu Tsang is an artist, filmmaker, and host. He cooked on the line at Canele for 2 years and produced an after-hours dining experience called “Grown Dining Room” in collaboration with Total Freedom & SFV Acid at Dinner House M.
For more information: elysianla
(Thank you Leigh and Claudine!) 


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