Joe Cariati - The Opaques

Opaque Glass

Last year, we published a story about Joe Cariati (April 27, 2010) - and presented his transparent glass work. This year, we present his new work - the Opaques.
While we think the work speaks for itself, we repeat the following text from his bio:
"For me, the purity and essence of the process of glassblowing is immediate, there is a sense of urgency, the glass must be blown while it's hot! There are no breaks, there is no time to rest, no lull. My approach is to craft the glass quickly and efficiently; clean, pure, simple and beautiful."
Earlier, we wrote that Mr. Cariati's glass work is "clear and clean, without embellishment or decoration. It maintains the integrity of the material..."

Each work within this series is definitive in shape. Unlike transparent glass, this work is dense, has weight and, as a result, seems less embellished. The eye reads each as precise and elegant. The opaque color communicates a no-nonsense quality - a "take me for what I am" sensibility.
No matter the color, this new series is both strong and beautiful.


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