Naja Utzon Popov - Artist

NAJA UTZON POPOV - Artist and Designer
Carpets designed with inspiration are well worth the investment. Whether kilim, soumak, jajim, palas or modern, they hold their value and allow you an eternity of use. Families usually pass their precious carpets down through generations, leaving their heirs a legacy of beauty.
Some have written that Naja Utzon Popov draws her inspiration from the Danish countryside or the ice fields of Greenland, or the near symmetrical snowflake. However, one can also imagine the charged power of her hand-crafted carpets originating out of ancient themes – reminiscent of the lotus flower as depicted in early Egyptian tombs, or Zen totems of jagged rock (see her website to view her powerful sculptural work), or the Vajra (diamond thunderbolt), object of desire.

Mostly, there is a jagged energy that beckons us into our imaginations. As we travel inward, her language reveals itself.

Ms. Popov was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1973.To find out more about this artist, please visit her website:
Nadja Utzon Popov website


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