Blasphemy or Miracle?

As I rest a slice of whole wheat bread into my toaster, I wonder if today will be the day a miracle occurs. How shocked would I be - as the bread is alchemized from soft to firm toasty matter - should the face of a historic religious figure materialize in the grains?
Not to worry. My mind is still intact - at least for now. 
The fertile mind of artist, John Baldessari has taken anthropomorphism from toast to chip  and his experiences with other-worldly wonders are documented in the book, Miracle Chips - Guaranteed Fresh, published by Steidl (little Steidl, softcover housed in a sleeve, published, September 2010).
If humor is miraculous, you will find yourself snickering at one miracle chip after another as you turn the pages of this entertaining book.
John Baldessari website

John Baldessari, ©2007 Sidney B. Felsen


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