Silver Lake Garden 2011

Last year, we took you through several iterations of our small Silver Lake garden - from roses, to blooming Azelias, to Buddha-pond and home-grown vegetables.
It all begins, again. The warmth of spring gave us a superabundance of Wisteria flowers. Their scent was incredible throughout the garden - and their pale violet color, a joy to our eyes.
Not shown, below, are zucchini and tomato plants, Swiss chard, and green beans. Soon we will post images of our newly started vegetable garden, which was enlarged this year.
So, as we enjoy the beauty of it all, we also anticipate tender and tasty vegetables this summer!
PS - We use only organic products, such as those from Dr. Earth, Gardner + Bloome, Seeds of Change, E.B. Stone and Whitney Farms.


  1. The garden is turning out quite nice!


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