Michaël Harboun - The Living Kitchen

Michaël Harboun
It begins with vision. Michaël Harboun, a student at Strate College, imagined an environment, namely a kitchen, fabricated out of programmable matter which has both digital and physical advantages. Mr. Harboun states, "Today our environment is populated with physical devices containing digital information. Taking the example of a Smartphone, it is composed of a physical, fixed object into which flows a changing continuity of information. The physical is static, the digital is dynamic. Now, let's imagine a world where physical objects would gain digital abilities - meaning one could change the shape of any object as one would change the contents of a Smartphone."
This technology is now being researched and developed at Carnegie Mellon University and referred to as "Claytronics" - where millions of minutely intelligent robots communicate with each other.
In this simulation of Michaël Harboun's, Living Kitchen, the user touches the wall; pushing, expanding and extruding here or there, to create a faucet, basin, cutting board or dish. 
Upon completion, each self-healing "object" is gently pushed back into place.
Fantasy today, reality tomorrow. The Living Kitchen will be on view at the Saint-Etienne Biennale-International Design 2010.


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