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Necessity - and Women of Invention
Somewhere in the heart of Silverlake (Los Angeles), two very enterprising women are pioneering a clothing design business. Transferring skills from previous professions (Arlene Battishill, was a project manager for a large real estate development/home building company and Desiree Estrada, a real estate economic consultant) and finding a slew of new creative skills, they rearranged their lives and reinvented their careers.
Ms. Battishill and Ms. Estrada started GoGo Gear, "a groundbreaking line of modish safety apparel designed by and specifically for women motorcycle and scooter riders" in 2009. The clothing is described as, "cutting-edge, feminine outerwear with robust interior engineering that includes abrasion-resistant fabric, quality CE-approved armor in the back, shoulders and elbows and highly reflective details." This technical description has almost nothing to do with the fact that the clothing is stylish and fashionable, as well - and is designed for women of all sizes. According to Ms. Battishill, "We want our customers to know we're thinking about them from day one, working to come up with flattering, cutting-edge designs for all women."
Although, neither of the owners have any type of clothing design experience in their repertoires, they have gathered together imagination, experimentation, and innovation to bring into fruition inspired new clothing designs. In a very short time, GoGo Gear has caught the attention of the fashion community and the energy and ingenuity of the owners has been rewarded.

GoGo Gear:
•was selected "Best in Show" at Fashion Business Inc. fall runway show, LA Fashion Week, Oct. '09.

•debuted at EICMA (Europe's largest motorcycle exhibition) in Milan, Italy and was a featured product on the show website, Nov. '09.

•received significant press coverage in Dealernews (Dec. '09), Scoot! (Dec. '09, Jun. ‘10), All About Bikes magazine (Jan. '10) and throughout the blogosphere.

•was selected by Dealernews as a Top 25 finalist for their Top 10 Products 2010 based on products' ability to increase sales for dealers.
Find out more about GoGo Gear via the website and blog (links, below). Before closing this post, here are a few photographs of the line.

Scooter Girls
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