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From an elegant interior design, to a stunning portrait of a memorable First Lady, to recipes from Persia,then onto an innovator turning 50,000 Australian homes into solar generators - here are fourlinks to noteworthy stories. First, Le Bon Marché (Paris) department store escalators tiethemselves into knots by artist, Leanfro Erlich - as seen on dezeen. Second, while President Barack Obama's portrait was recently seen in the news, with its backdrop of green, leafy foliage (artist, Kehine Wiley), today we beheld First Lady Michelle Obama's stunningly beautiful, subtly colored portrait by Amy Sherald - as seen on Colossal.

Next, we introduce you  to Yasmin Khan's, The Saffron Tales, where culinary secrets of everyday Iranians are shared - so that you might enjoy gaining knowledge about Iran and learn to prepare delicious Persian food in your own home. Finally, Tesla will provide batteries and South Australia will provided solar panels, transforming homes into power generators -

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