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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas from Fine Dining Lovers! As we find lists of holiday gifts from our reading list websites, we'll post them here and lead you to there. Fine Dining Lovers posted a gift list for those of us who enjoy cooking and great food. From knife sharpening cutting boards, to Pantone coffee pots, to beautiful Japanese cookware… just follow the link!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mirabai Devi

From Buddha at the Gas Pump
Our category, "Conscoiusness", is an important part of our site. Without tuning into our silent presence, we cannot find inspiration. Inspiration comes through us - not only from our own inner resources, but also from Source. Form blends with Self and out of this mix, artisty, innovation, invention appear.
For more than a year, I've watched video interviews by Rick Archer on his site, Buddha at the Gas Pump.  Each interview is a gem of intelligence and information. Recently, I was introduced to Mirabai Devi at BATGAP... Please visit Mr. Archer's site and enjoy this and so many more interviews.
Mirabai Devi is an international spiritual teacher, facilitator for healer, author, and the founder of the Mirabai Devi Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to her mission of raising world consciousness through the awakening and healing of humanity.Mirabai Devi is a new paradigm spiritual teacher. Her teachings emphasize the importance of spiritual practice for self-realization, combined with a commitment to personal growth. She recognizes the importance of people working through their patterns and issues by means of self-reflection with the aim of becoming impeccable. As a conduit for the Divine Feminine, Mirabai’s approach is receptive and inclusive, rather than dogmatic. She favors interaction, rather than hierarchy.

What Wednesday Holds

Trays, so elegantly simple - and with handles tucked beneath - awaiting human touch and use.
Vases, composed of visually stunning elements with no need for flowers.
More vases - sculpturally resembling mushroom caps, needing no adornment. Inserting a small fern might add a touch of something extra.
Layered containers of wood may be topped with greenery or presented as they are.
For your visual pleasure, four functional objects of fine design. Enjoy!

Maple trays by Urbancase

Matthew Chamber's concentric, layered ceramic sculptures
as seen on Colossal

SCAPE vase collection as seen on Contemporist

Haldane Martin's Tuber Planters as seen on Contemporist

Friday, November 7, 2014

All Food Friday

I sit at my desk, satiated from having eaten a Salami, Manchego and Arugula Baguette Sandwich from Proof Bakery in Atwater Village. (I can still taste all the fresh ingredients and feel the gentle crunch of the bread.) Wondering what I would post today, I performed a search, thinking I might include a cornucopia of topics. Then, I thought, "Baguette Sandwich", "Manchego", "Salami" - how about an all food day? Lightbulb moment!
So, that's where my lunch took me.
Saveur Magazine has now posted their awards for BEST FOOD BLOGS 2014 and below we include three of the winners.
First up, Pen + Palate - Best Writing. Post title, Conspicuous Consumption, October 2, 2014
Next, I Am a Food Blog - Blog of the Year. Post title, Pumpkin Ricotta Pancake Recipe
Finally, Hortus - Vegetarian Cooking from an Italian Garden, Best New Blog. Post title, Chocolate and Pear Ricotta Cheesecake.
Be sure to go to Saveur - to find out about all the other 2014 winners! Bon Appetite!
Pen + Palate - A Culinary Journal

I Am A Food Blog - Celebrating the Awesomeness of Food

Hortus - Vegetarian Cooking from an Italian Garden
Photo: Valentina Sofrini

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Paramahansa Yogananda, came to the west in the middle of last century, bringing with him methods of Yoga, meditation and enlightenment. In this new documentary, we learn about the man and his spiritual journey, his philosophy and teachings.
His book, Autogiography of a Yogi, was the only book, Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, placed in his iPad! His was a living movement that continues into this very day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Michael Eastman

Badlands #1, Michael Eastman
Michael Eastman, a leading contemporary photographic artist, with four decades of work which includes a diversity of images is, unbelievably, self-taught.
From his website:
He "has spent four decades documenting interiors and facades in cities as diverse as Havana, Paris, Rome and New Orleans… producing large-scale photographs unified by their visual precision, monumentality and painterly use of color, he is most recognized for his explorations of architectural form and the textures of decay, which create mysterious narrative about time and place."
Mr. Eastman's work is included in collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the International Center of Photography, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art - and other renowned institutions. Books of his work include, Havana, Vanishing America and Horses.
Below, photographs by Mr. Eastman are presented at Art Miami by Carole Hochman, Director of the Barry Friedman Gallery, Ltd.
For more information, please visit, Michael Eastman's website
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