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Monday, September 8, 2014


MUSIC - added to our Reading List
Why did it take so long?
Today we add two new blogs to our reading list. Both present information about new contemporary music: Pitchfork and The Line of Best Fit.
From time to time, we will recommend items from each - and present them to you - with a follow-up link to one site or the other.
And from Pitchfork, an article about Ariel Pink - the double album, pom pom, which will be out November 18.
So, take a look!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Today's Picks

Whether you are at work or tending to your children or sitting at a cafe, sipping tea - you will want to take a break and appreciate the artistry in the following recommendations.
Although printed via machinery the ceramics accomplished by Olivier van Herpt will intrigue you - as will the striking watercolors of Karina Eibatova.
Then, to answer your question as to whether or not you would purchase an ancient tea cup for 36 million dollars, follow the link below.
While you ask that question, put your tongue firmly in-cheek and take a peek at the new friends of artist / photographer, Dita Pepe.
Afterwards, slip on your new vacuum formed shoes (thanks to Lou Moria) and walk yourself over to Gallery LVS and view the exquisite, minimal ceramic work of Minsoo Lee.
So, put down that fork, call the baby-sitter, take a break from work, kick your feet up - and enjoy!
Printed ceramics by Olivier van Herpt, cfile

Watercolor minerals by Karina Eibatova, Colossal

36 million dollar teacup, cfile

Artist Dita Pepe incorporates herself
into the lives of other, Colossal

Lou Moria's vacuum-formed shoes, Designboom

Minsoo Lee's Inner Spaces ceramics, cfile

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