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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Three Tuesday + 1

The US Mint designs a new concave/convex commemorative gold coin!
Artist, Moko Kobayashi brings us to laughter with her charming, beaded works of art, while Alicia Watkins makes us smile, as well, albeit a bit uncomfortably - with her whimsical, hand stitched germs.
Add one more artist of stitchery - Claire Moynihan embroiders insects, displaying them, eventually, as a collection.
US Mint designs domed commemorative coins from Dezeen
Maison des Perles, Moko Kobayashi from Cool Hunting

Whimsical cross-stitching by Alicia Watkins -
Watty's Wall Stuff from Colossal
Insects embroidered by Claire Moynihan

Monday, March 17, 2014

Garden Time

A Work in Progress
In planning and designing a personal garden, process is key. While maintenance is easier as the garden matures, there is always one element or another needing attention as our viewpoint changes toward color or texture - or a new solution is unearthed.
Trees anchor space with their ever-increasing trunk size. And hardscape delineates planting areas. Each plant is allowed enough space so that it has room to grow and prosper.
After many years, and many changes our garden feels right. We take more time enjoying - and less time developing and maintaining. And yet, there is one final area which calls to us. We envision a dining table for six. We see our friends enjoying a warm summer evening with us - dining on grilled this or that, enjoying a fine wine, conversing and laughing into the night.
While we have given so much to our garden, it returns to us ten fold - as we enjoy its peace and harmony. It fills and nourishes us.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

After the Rain

Silverlake Garden
After several dry winter months, rain finally fell on Los Angeles. Sprinklers are off for now with the hope more rain is on the way. After snapping over two dozen photographs, we decided to post only four which we felt illustrated both the dry warmth of previous months and the abundant growth after rain.
Usually, our roses begin to bloom in April - our Azaleas, typically, in mid to late March. Nature opens to both light and warmth and this year is no exception - except, it is happening earlier than usual.
The east hopes for an early spring while we, on the west coast, wonder what happened to winter.

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