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Monday, July 22, 2013

Artist, Susan Silton

Artist, Susan Silton, whistles as her work in the following video.
We met Susan several years ago at a downtown gallery. Intending to view the work of another artist that day, it was a happy accident and our great pleasure to meet Susan. Afterwards, we frequently ran into her at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants during lunch.
Our brief encounters with this multi-talented, well-known Los Angeles artist have always left us wanting for more. She is intelligent, sensitive and, at times, very funny.
Via her Facebook page, Susan provides the following description for her work:
"Varied projects investigate how perception is shaped and distorted: by spin, consumerism, the weight of history, identity, and information overload."
In the video, below, while you may encounter humor - remember, meaning always follows.
PS Susan is the one wearing glasses.

Susan Silton & The Crowing Hens / Promo from Vim Crony on Vimeo.
Susan Silton (b. 1956)
Susan Silton is a Los Angeles-based, multidisciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally, including at SolwayJones, Los Angeles; SITE Santa Fe; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; and Allanz Zeignierderiassung, Berlin. Her work investigates how perception is shaped and distorted by spin, consumerism, and the weight of history, identity, and information overload. She incorporates photographic-based processes, video, installation, performative works, and offset lithography, collectively and variously, to reconsider, complicate, and subvert interpretation, especially as it relates to subjectivity. (MAK Center)
Google search for Susan Silton
Susan Silton FB 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Shed

Healdsburg, CA

During our recent trip to the wine country of northern California, we visited a new venue in Healdsburg, called The Shed.
First, we noticed the architecture - contemporary, open, clean lines, and plenty of natural light.

As we entered, the open floor plan allowed us to view the space in its entirety.
On further exploration, we discovered a café, coffee bar and fermentation bar. We explored the shop, displaying quality food and tools for the kitchen, the garden and the farm.

Upstairs, although closed during our visit, was The Grange - a reference to the early farming association - sponsoring events and social activities. Here, a meeting room for educational workshops focused on food and farming, primarily, but also a place "featuring noted thinkers, artists and authors." From The Shed website:
"We are a food community that sustains people, our environment, and our local economy. Our inspiration comes from the words of Wendell Berry. 'An agrarian mind begins with the love of the fields and ramifies in good farming, good cooking, and good eating.' Like the granges of years past, we bring people together to learn about growing, preparing and sharing food."
Since we enjoy food, gardening, cooking and an occasional glass of wine, we took great delight in our visit to The Shed. A feast for all the senses!
For more information:
The Shed website and Facebook 

Box of Poems

When we first moved to Silver Lake (Los Angeles), we had no idea we were moving into a community of fairly like-minded people. In the 90s, we read our first article about this special place in one of the national food magazines. It claimed Silver Lake as one of LA's "hippest" areas. Our next door neighbor laughed when we showed her the article, and declared, "Oh, again?" We had already garnered this title many years before. It wasn't new.
Why am I writing this? Well, nearly every week, for the past few  years, we've noticed a bright red box, filled with poems. At first, we thought it was a real estate box in front of a home for sale. Then we saw the words, Poems - Take One. We took the first one we saw.
Now, as we walk by, we stop and read - and if significant to us, we do take one.
This morning we picked up this gem of poetry, written by Syd Banks:

Let your mind be still,
for the wisdom you seek is like that
butterfly over yonder.
If you try to catch it with  your intellect,
it will simply fly away.
On the other hand, if you can still
your mind,
someday, when you least expect it,
it will land in the palm of
your hand.

For more information about Poems Box, please see this story by Christy Hobart, written for the Los Angeles Times, here.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sonoma Reverie

Running on the treadmill for too long, we become inflexible, stiff from life's daily routine. In taking leave, we unfold, relax and return to ourselves.
Our friend invited us to visit and without much thought we departed, slamming the door hard behind us. We traveled from city life Los Angeles to country life Sonoma, dropping one distracting care after another with each passing mile. Arriving, we drove from the nearby airport to our destination. The one hundred degree heat could not dampen our enthusiasm. We opened to the intensity of it, surrendering, dropping stress like chain mail. Immediately relieved.
Desiring an experience of place, we began with a walk through our friend's garden. Not an ordinary garden, it seemed magical, filled with the buzzing activity of summer. This was only the beginning of our journey. We took walks, ate at various small town restaurants, consumed wines from several wineries, played boardgames in the evenings and discovered unique treasures in shops.
At the end of the week, we attempted to replicate our walk through the enchanted garden - a beginning and an end. One last reverie before our journey home.

A few of our recommendations:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Recently, a friend provided us with the link to this informative, beautifully produced magazine. 
It is published, quarterly, and garners ideas from "a growing international community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to make and do."
They sponsor events, including dinners and workshops shared in multiple cities and towns. Aside from the hard-bound magazine, you may view some content online.
For more information, please visit the Kinfolk website, here.
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