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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy "Cheesecake"?

Might you be interested in Heather Pace's recipe for a healthy, vegan dessert - Avocado Vanilla "Cheesecakes"? If so, follow the link below, and with no cooking - and within minutes (minus time in the refrigerator) - you will be rolling your eyes in delirious delight.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nuns on the Bus

While there are those who enlighten us as to our economic and other problems, they seldom offer solutions. We want to know what we can do to make things right. We ask, "What steps can I take?".
While we do not consider ourselves religious, we do want to single out a group of Catholic nuns who are speaking out against politicians who present us with half-truths and confusing language. We ask that you watch the following video - then it's up to you to choose to support them with your encouragement and/or with your donations. We think it's time to move in the direction of truth in politics - how about  you?

Friday Four

From delicious and healthy fritters, to beautifully designed sunglasses, to two splendid architectural designs - Happy Friday!
Broccoli Parmesan Fritters from SmittenKitchen

Ron Arad from dezeen magazine

Hammerschmid Pachl Seebacher Architekten from dezeen magazine
Machné Architekten from dezeen magazine

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Artist, Guy Laramée

Artist, Guy Laramée
Knowledge usually unfolds, each fact layered upon and informing the one below. Remember when you wracked your brain, spending long hours to grasp a concept. Then, just as you relaxed and let go, the answer arrived - with an accompanying gasp of breath. It surfaced in an instant and with no further effort.
This is how I first understood the work of Guy Laramée. 
According to Mr. Laramée, "The erosion of cultures - and of "culture" as a whole - is the theme that runs through the last 25 years of my artistic practice. Cultures emerge, become obsolete and are replaced by new ones... some people are displaced and (their lives) destroyed."

Also, according to the artist, no amount of knowledge from books can change the inevitable. Birth and death are inevitable. In sitting at his mother's side as she merged from life into death, Mr. Laramée noted that, "...in fact, there was no "last breath". Each breath grew smaller and smaller. I took her pulse when it appeared that there would not be another breath." Then, "...there was no end. Only a growing silence which continues now."
Coinciding with the death of his mother, the artist compassionately felt the inevitable through the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe which devastated areas along the Pacific Coast of Tohoku. Both events marked an end to, not only lives given to death, but to the displacement of people.
Guan Yin (Kwan Yin), universal mother, plays a prominent role in Mr. Laramée's work. In India Kali is both creator and destroyer of form; destroying that which keeps us in bondage. In Christianity, Mary is the compassionate comforter. Here, the universal mother serenely watches over order - as illustrated by a large area of linen cloth "squares" attached to each other in one large expanse.
While the artist seems to give in to the powerlessness we feel in relation to life's inevitable situations, he presents us with the iconic mother - comforter, creator, destroyer of fears, problem-solver. In one of the artist's statements, he writes, "Everything we know, everything we did, everything we think we are, everything and everyone we love, all this will be wiped out." While sounding this note of fatalism, the artist also sends a message of well-being via Guan Yin. She stands as sentinel to the ever changing universal order that is reality.
Mr. Laramée also presents paintings and books (with contents carved into majestic mountains, volcanoes, a tsunami and other grand landscapes). All images seem to represent the ever-changing earth and all in it that is inescapable - as it shifts, shakes and issues forth both sustenance and deprivation - with a final note of recurring renewal.

Mr. Laramée has created works in varied  disciplines including writing and directing for the theater. He has received more than 30 arts grants. His work has been presented in North America, Europe, Japan and Latin America and exhibited in museums and galleries.
For more information, please visit the artist's website: Guy Laramée
All photographs, © Guy Laramée

Monday, June 11, 2012

Creative Cosmos

The Most Astounding Fact from Max Schlickenmeyer on Vimeo.

Modern Med-Ideas

Each element is considered in the preliminary stages of designing a home. While Ronald Frink Architects presents ideas, clients contribute images from magazines or photographs taken at the homes of friends. The process continues as new information surfaces. 
Below are illustrations of recent images and thoughts shared in the dialogue between client and architect regarding the feel and character of the residence.
*Please view the progress of this design via the following links:

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Recommends

Finds and Recommendations
From a cut-textile artist's installation to imaginative note cards represented by an equally imaginative video presentation, to elegant rattan seating, to books - one, a guide to NY City architecture and the other, a fascinating study about the intelligence of crows. Creativity flourishes.
Pop-up Paradises, by Manuel Ameztoy, 2012 - Faena Arts Center

Above, Hiroomi Tahara, designer
Yamakawa Rattan

Guide to Contemporary NY City Architecture by John Hill
Gifts of the Crow by John Marzluff + Tony Angell
US Airways Magazine

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