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Thursday, October 27, 2011

David Cerny - Sculpture

David Cerny, sculptor
Prolific artist, David Cerny, (born 1967 in Prague, Czech Republic), created a large scale installation at 3700 Arco Corporate Drive, Charlotte, NC. For more information about Mr. Cerny, please link to his website, below.
stainless steel, motors, computer driven control center, water, etc.
Height: 30 feet, weight: 14 tons

Monday, October 24, 2011

Belinda Oakley sings!

Talented singer, songwriter + actress
Not long ago, while walking along the path at Silverlake Reservoir, we stopped and listened to Belinda Oakley sing. The sound of her voice drew us away from our early morning walk. She sang with eyes closed, caught up in the reverie of her music. We, too, were "caught up" in her sound and look forward to hearing more from her.
An accomplished singer-songwriter, Ms. Oakley recently released a collection of songs, written in London with her producer, Adrian Hall. The EP is entitled, "Bittersweet" and we know, after listening to her perform in the above video, you will want to hear more, too!
For further information, please visit Belinda Oakley's website.

Santa Fe Clay Gallery

Jesse Ring, TV Dreams, 8 x 3 x 4", 201
From the press release:
November 11 – December 31st, 2011
Opening Reception Friday, November 11, 5: 00 – 7:00 pm

Birdie Boone
Cindy Guiterrez
Jennie Johnsrud
Jesse Ring
Amy Slater

The Santa Fe Clay Staff exhibits their ceramic artworks!
This small staff manages a supply store, national gallery and educational studio program: Birdie Boone (Studio Manager), Cindy Gutierrez (Retail Manager), Jennie Johnsrud (Retail Assistant), Jesse Ring (Warehouse Manager) and Amy Slater (Gallery Assistant). The five co-workers at this ceramic facility have varied and extensive knowledge of the ceramics medium. Their individual skills and techniques range from wheel-thrown to hand-built and slip-cast. The processes, glazes and finished pieces are as varied as the individuals who make them. This exhibit showcases the people who sell, ship and answer hundreds of questions about ceramics daily.
Chuck Adylett, King Fool, 8 x 8 x 6", 2011
January 6 – February 18th, 2012

Opening Reception Friday, January 6th, 5: 00 – 7:00 pm

Curated by the Santa Fe Clay staff, a spectacular collection of functional and non-functional teapots from ceramic artists across the nation will line the walls of our gallery.
545 Camino de la Familia
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Tel: 505-984-1122
Fax: 505-984-1706
Santa Fe Clay website

Monday, October 17, 2011

Selected Postings

As gleaned from several of our favorite websites and blogs:
1. Ken Iwata Mother and Child Museum in Imabari City, Ehime, Japan by Toyo Ito & Associates Architects. Photograph:Ken Lee 2010, from Archidose blogspot
2. Al Gore Strongly Supports, Occupy Wall Street, from TreeHugger
3. Shiro Studio: Marble Lunar Crater Trays from Designboom
4. Gigantic Melting Vitruvian Man - Vanishing Arctic Sea Ice, from Inhabitat
5. Woody35 Cabin: 350 sf, from TreeHugger

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alyssa Remington, Photographer

Alyssa Remington, Photographer
(Please Note: All images shown here are protected under strict copyright laws and are under the auspices of Alyssa Remington. They may not, under any circumstances, be reproduced, downloaded, or manipulated without Ms. Remington's express written permission. Commercial or private use without Ms. Remington's explicit written consent is prohibited by law and is punishable through US and Worldwide copyright laws.)
Years ago, Viet Nam was a place of fear for America. American soldiers took great care not to trust any Viet Namese citizen, including women and children, out of fear their lives may have been in danger.
Although there are brave soldiers who fought and still carry wounds from the past, we know that time has healed the national heart of both Viet Nam and the United States.
It is a country of lush, exotic beauty and we have come to know its people as gentle, kind and peaceful. We no longer see Viet Nam as enemy. Many Americans, in the years since the war, have traveled here - including photographer, Alyssa Remington.

As an inspiration for her work, Ms. Remington lists her son as primary. She states, "I derive my greatest fascination and joy in faces, particularly of children. It warms my heart to see these young souls, so vibrant, present and happy in their lives; lives uncluttered by the objects of contemporary culture." 
In this case, the subjects of Ms. Remington's photographs are the hill-country people of Sapa, in northern Viet Nam. Fortunate to have been there during the celebration of the New Year, the photographer was able to capture the inhabitants while dressed in their traditional costumes. Those depicted in the more somber, black and navy colors, are from the Black H'mong area. While those dressed in very colorful outfits are of the Flower H'mong hill people.
Markets also play a prominent role in Ms. Remington's work. She was particularly fascinated with the variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables presented by vendors, as well as the variety of fish, fowl and other animals - all parts used, none discarded; all prominently displayed  in plain view - none wrapped into neatly stacked, tidy packages, as in our American grocery stores.
I don't know about you, but, I feel something when I view these photographs. There is an atmosphere of place, the sound of children playing, laughter or water rushing through a young woman's hair as it rinses out soap-suds. Although, one might refer to these as the work of an excellent photojournalist, I prefer the word, artist.
Ms. Reminington did not use a digital camera here. Instead, she uses film. Her only formal photography education, in a statement from her, was a class taken in her junior year of high school. I suppose when one is passionate about her work, creativity flourishes. Take a closer look at each photograph. Spend time and view each with a detailed eye. You will know that these images are special.
Allysa Remington's dream is to travel third world countries, assisting in births (she is a Doula), and photographing "happy, laughing (and sometimes somber) children; children who live their lives with dignity."

Unfortunately, the website for Alyssa Remington's photography no longer exists.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Palm and Clouds

Another special evening in Silverlake - one evening among so many beautiful evenings on this side of Los Angeles.

Gaté, Gaté

In our last post, we forgot to add the prayer, relating to Buddha and, indirectly, to Kwan Yin. From the CD jacket insert, (Heart of Perfect Wisdom - A Sufi Song of Love), Robert Gass* writes:
"...Beyond The Beyond draws upon the sounds and tonalities of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, using both overtone chanting and Tibetan bells. On Gate Gate, these Eastern timbres are woven with modern American folk idioms, classical choral realizations, and some jazz chording. The resulting tapestry is, I believe, unique but true to the spirit of the chant and the lineage.
The primary chant is adapted from the famous "Heart of Perfect Wisdom" sutra. Also called the "Heart Sutra", it is chanted daily in Buddhist centers throughout the world. In this sutra, the Buddha is speaking to one of his chief disciples. The text is said to contain the essence of the Buddha's teachings. As one recites or listens to these sacred sounds, it is possible to pierce the delusive mind and open the to wisdom of the heart."
Gaté, gaté
para gaté
para sum gaté
bodhi, svaha!

Gone, gone
gone beyond
gone beyond the beyond
hail to the awakened one!

*Many musicians have performed this prayer. One of the most beautiful (not having heard all), in our opinion, is performed by, "On Wings of Song and Robert Gass". Also included within this CD is, A Sufi Song of Love.
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