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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alice Waters

Is PBS in her future?
Alice Waters, pioneer of the local food movement, may be spreading her message via a PBS program. 
According to a story published on The Huffington Post, (Michelle Locke), Ms. Waters, who opened her landmark, Chez Panisse in 1971, is considering PBS as a way to "plant" further seeds about growing and eating fresh, local food.

Artist, Peter Root

With a quick glance, Peter Root's work evokes memories of large cities, almost anywhere. Repetitive "buildings", of all sizes, allow the viewer to visually meander through the artist's streets, never resting, always in movement.
Stacks of staples, broken up and densely stacked, are the sole material in this work, relating to the artist's themes of structure, scale and repetition
As in many of Mr. Root's works, Ephemicropolis is both fragile and impermanent- perhaps like many contemporary cities, the world over.

The making of Ephemicropolis from Peter Root on Vimeo. 

Peter Root website

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joe Cariati - Glassblower

Artist, JOE CARIATI - In His Own Words

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines glass as, "a usually transparent or translucent material consisting typically of a mixture of silicates." This, an elemental definition of a material, does not come close to describing how an artist takes this or any material and transforms it into something transcendent.
Joe Cariati (from his bio) states, "For me, the purity and essence of the process of glassblowing is immediate, there is a sense of urgency, the glass must be blown while it's hot! There are no breaks, there is no time to rest, no lull. My approach is to craft the glass quickly and efficiently; clean, pure, simple and beautiful."
In another line, from his bio, Mr. Cariati describes the essence of glass making, "Feather-weight, a lot of light transmission and overall clean lines are really what my glass is about. I'd love to see it float off the table."
Like contemporary architecture, Mr. Cariati's work is clear and clean and without embellishment or decoration. It maintains the integrity of the material, while  transporting it into a higher realm. At this point, the material stops being "a mixture of silicates" and starts its transformation into an object which could easily take to the air.

Photo:Sean P. Costello

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


From animation to reality?

Jet lag, discomfort, noise and crowded airports are complaints of all air travelers. Seymourpowell's Aircruise is a design concept for a future sky hotel - where passengers would be offered spaces for living, dining and relaxing. Public spaces might include a bar and lounge, four duplex apartments, a penthouse and five smaller apartments.
Where do I sign up?
Seymourpowell website
Samsung Group

Friday, April 16, 2010

MIT Water Desalination


While I don't pretend to understand what this means, I do know that a new development is in the works at MIT. The small, single unit (above), fabricated in one layer of silicone, could be the start of delivering fresh water to small villages, the world over.
"Portable" is the key word in this new development. The new system would work at a microscopic scale to desalinate water from the oceans to provide clean, contaminate-free drinking water.
For more information: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Mona Kuhn, Photographer

Photo:courtesy private  collection

The photography of Mona Kuhn, in her series, Evidence, explores both classic and contemporary themes. Her nudes, while exhibiting ease and comfort in body language, appear within a dark ground, much like the figurative imagery of the Dutch masters or within a blurred ambiguous space. The photographs provoke the imagination as our eye is lured into and out of focus or into and out of darkness, and we are left with a sense of something missing; a part of the story, untold.

For more information about the work of Mona Kuhn: monakuhn.com 
Also, M+B Gallery

State of Mind, A California Invitational - February 5 - May 16, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Artist, Mark Ryden

Artist, MARK RYDEN - "tyme" Lapse Painting
video, by permission of the artist and Michael Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles

Artist, Mark Ryden, born in Medford, Oregon, 1987, lives and works in Los Angeles.
Mr. Ryden's work is part innocence and part macabre. His paintings, beautifully and masterfully executed, depict images both intriguing and alarming, simultaneously. As we ponder the work(s), we wonder, if perhaps, we may have been invited to view  a dark comedy - where, in the end, we are never quite sure how we are meant to feel. And yet, we cannot avert our eyes.

In this video, we are given a special viewing of Mr. Ryden's time-lapse creation of the painting, titled, Incarnation.

Upcoming exhibition: The Gay 90's:Old Tyme Art Show, April 29 - June 5, 2010, Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

More information about the artist: Mark Ryden website
Galleries: Michael Kohn Gallery, Paul Kasmin Gallery, Tomio Koyama Gallery and Porterhouse Fine Art Editions

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ascending Dragon Music Festival

The U.S. State Department is sponsoring the Southwest Chamber Music organization for the "largest cultural exchange in history between the United States and Vietnam."
The festival and cultural exchange brought 19 Americans to Vietnam in March and 19 Vietnamese to the United States this month (April) and May 2010. 
While in Vietnam, the festival honored the 1000th anniversary of Hanoi.
Southern California dates for performances, April 12 - May 4.
For more information:Southwest Chamber Music website

Monday, April 12, 2010

Desert Green

DESERT GREEN - Yesterday and Today
photo + quoted text:"©AquaPro"

After attending a lecture by Richard St. Barbe Baker, who claimed the spread of deserts could be stopped by planting trees at their edges, Ms. Wendy Campbell-Purdy  was  so inspired with the idea, she purchased a one-way ticket to North Africa to plant trees in the desert of Morocco - in 1959. She planted 2,000 trees on forty-five acres. The trees, successfully, grew to 12 feet in height. Beneath the sheltering shade of the trees, she also planted barley and wheat. Due to her passion, she proved this "woman-made" strip of oasis did change climate by increasing the humidity in the area.
She continued on her journey, traveling to Algeria to perform a similar feat. With 260 acres, reluctantly, given to her by the Algerian government,  she astonished Algerian officials with her success.
While Mr. St. Barbe Baker and Ms. Campbell-Purdy were pioneers in this field, today, inventor, Mr. Pieter Hoff, has developed The Groasis Waterboxx by AquaPro for planting trees almost anywhere. From the Groasis website:
"The Groasis waterboxx is an 'intelligent water incubator' that produces and captures water from the air through condensation and rain. The condensation is caused by artificial stimulation and the water is captured because of the design of the device, without using energy."
More information: Groasis, "©AquaPro"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Silverlake Garden

(See post, March 31, 2010)
April, 2010 - Our garden was planted with vegetables from our local nursery.
We will report further progress in May. We will also include several images of our developing ornamental garden.
Zucchini, String Beans, Cucumber,
Eggplant, Lettuce, Tomatoes... and basil.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Montecito Home Addition - Update

Seamless home addition / words unnecessary
Montecito Residence,
RFA design 1995
+ addition 2009
Ronald Frink Architects
Before, in progress and after photographs, below - click to enlarge:

More after photographs

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